Get your fetish on!

7th Annual Church St. Fetish Fair

When: This Sunday August 15th | Noon-11:00 PM

If you live in Toronto you pretty much can’t help but to know that the Church St. and Wellesley St. area is considered the gay village of TO. This is where they stage their annual gay pride parade. Well, come Sunday there’s a fetish fair going on that should be a terrific photo opportunity for gay and straight photographers alike — me, I fall into the latter of that group. I’ve never attended this event and, outside of the photographic opportunity, have zero interest in such things, but I’m really hoping to make it out this year. The only downside is the weather. While it’s supposed to be nice and sunny, it’s also supposed to be hotter the Shania Twain in a one-piece leather body suit — giddy up! They’re calling for a high of 30 C but it’ll feel like 41 C with the humidex. Damn that humidex! With oppressive heat and humidity I tend to hold up about as well as a bowl of ice cream on an engine block in the mid-afternoon Arizona sun. Nonetheless, I’ll see how I feel Sunday morning. I do plan to give it a go. With luck I’ll get some nice photos before I melt away.

If anyone from Toronto’s reading this and interested in attending, you can find out more at their Church Street Fetish Fair website.

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5 Responses to Get your fetish on!

  1. This is one event I’d definitely want another photographer with me.

    And when is Shaina going to come back and give us more music and the hot videos to go with it?

  2. Mauro Metallo says:

    The light is amazing, the square format suits it well and the tones are to die for.

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