Maple Leaf Gardens

Yep, home of the Leafs — well, their previous home. It’s undergoing a major renovation at the moment, as you can see by all the scaffolding. This is on the Church Street side, taken on my way to the fetish fair. The original shot was hugely distorted because of my wide angle lens. In ACDSee I would never have been able to fix it; well, not without a lot of work. But in LR3 it was a snap. I’m also going to create a b & w version, which I’ve already tested and it looks nice.

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6 Responses to Maple Leaf Gardens

  1. lynnwiles says:

    Of course, I like this one.

  2. Mary Lynn Muir says:

    If I were taking this picture, I probably would have only focused on the lines, patterns, and colours on the side of the building–and would have completely missed the interesting effect of the man walking at the bottom of the picture. By including the pedestrian in the scene, there is a whole new sense of proportion to the picture. I love it!

    • Thank you, Mary Lynn. I always attempt to get something into my shot that adds perspective. Usually I go for cyclists but because I’ve been using them a lot lately I decided I’d use the person walking by. Plus, since he’s the only person in the shot it doesn’t take away too much from the subject, which is indeed the building and its lines and patterns. Thanks for dropping by today. Hope you come again.

  3. I went to a game there once. It was a grand place full of hockey’s past history and grandeur. Today’s stadiums have no where near the character.

    However, as a Canadiens fan, loved to watch the Leafs loose to my boys. 🙂

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