Big stretch… atta boy

When I came upon this cute little guy lounging out front of a shop on Queen St. W. near Ossington Ave, I knew he’s be good for a photo or two. He laid there while I snapped a couple of shots before deciding to get up and say hello. And of course that called for a big stretch. I’ll tell ya, he was one little cutie. I just wanted to scoop him up and take him home — much like with the girl in the photo a couple below. 😉

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13 Responses to Big stretch… atta boy

  1. teo says:

    I hope you’ve asked about his name then 😉
    He’s really just so cute. How did you managed to capture that short moment of stretching? I love it how you find such little, beautiful things 🙂

    • When you see one of the earlier shots you’ll get it. He was just lying there watching me. When he decided to get off his arse to say hello, I suspected there might be a cute moment there. I didn’t expect him to dial up this big-ass stretch before coming over. When he did I simply snapped the shot. I tend to photograph animals all the time. I can’t help myself. I love animals. I used to have a lovely white and black cat with social anxiety disorder but she passed away. Broke my heart right in two. But that’s a different story. Life goes on.

  2. justdoodle says:

    nice shot there! you captured his stretching moment 🙂 love the vibrance of the colors in this photo 🙂

  3. teo says:

    “a lovely white and black cat with social anxiety disorder” – that sounds interesting 🙂

    • Yeah, she was. Not great with people but LOVED me unconditionally. And I her, in return. She was very shy and nervous around others. Not sure why. The saddest part for me when she passed was thinking of her alone in heaven without me there to protect her. She loved my backyard, it was her domain. If we were out front she’d stay on the porch like a good girl, more from her fear of the big ol’ world than a desire to keep me happy. I keep photos of her in a few rooms in my house. Her ashes (kept in an urn) were placed in my mother’s casket before we buried her back in ’04. I think I better stop there.

  4. milkayphoto says:

    Absolutely amazing capture! Love, love, LOVE the perspective!! And the composition!

    Yeah, cats are little heartbreakers aren’t they? Our Cleo is 16 now and we tell her all the time how she just HAS to live until she’s at LEAST 35. We will be devastated for sure if she goes any sooner than that….

    • Thanks Tracy. I know what you mean. My cat was 13 when she passed. I knew it was coming for months. The worst part was I actually had to have her put down in the end. Odd story: It was a Monday evening when I finally made the decision to phone the vet to have him come over to do the deed at the house. I didn’t want my cat put down in a strange environment. The plan was to call Tuesday morning to set up an appointment. For months previous my cat was unable to make it up the stairs to sleep with me. When she was young and healthy she always slept on the bed beside me — always. Well, the night I decided I was going to call the vet the next day I went to bed as usual and started reading (I read every night before lights out). About 20 minutes in I hear my cat on the opposite side of the bed trying to jump up onto it. This was the first time she’d been up stairs in a very long while. I got up and helped her on the bed and she was really affectionate and needy. It was pretty amazing at the time, but even more so when I called the vet the next morning and he said he’d come over in two hours. I thought he’d be at least a few days from being able to make it over to put her down. So, it turns out that her very last night on earth she fought her way upstairs to sleep next to me. Seems very odd she’d pick that night to make her way to bed. At the time I didn’t realize it was her last night, but somehow I suspect she did. You never know. Anyway, that’s not a story I tell often anymore. It’s not easy. I can write about it but I certainly can’t talk about it.

      • milkayphoto says:

        Aw, Dave. I teared up reading this. I’m sure she knew and you gave her the best life and the best last night she could have and she was telling you it was okay. Animals are AMAZING and personally, I’d hang out with a critter over most humans any given day. I hope you get another cat some day (if you haven’t already). There are too many animals in need of your kind of love. 🙂 I know this was a difficult story to type. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. Thanks Tracy. I never did get another cat. I can’t go through that again. But I get feline visitors at my back door from time to time and that’s always a treat. It would be nice to have another critter around the house to keep me company — maybe one day.

  6. I know how this guy feels. A good stretch is required after a nap. The photo really engages the viewer. Wishing I could reach out and pat his head.

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