Toronto’s finest on horseback

These two officers were hanging out at the Star Wars promo event this morning so I decided to snap a photo of them on their horses. They were quite nice about it, of course. One thing about Toronto, we have a remarkable police force. Of course, your mileage may vary depending on how much of an asshole you are. I keep noticing that assholes tend to bitch a lot about our police here. Part of the problem is they think the cops are their personal doormats and then act outraged when they are treated the same in return. My experience is much different, but I was brought up to respect the police.

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3 Responses to Toronto’s finest on horseback

  1. Joshua says:

    I have to agree with your disclaimer on that – I’m guessing the people who went on a Toronto field trip to set cars on fire this past G20 didn’t agree 😉

    Anyway, cool picture. Mounted police have always intrigued me.

    • Thanks, Joshua. And now the assholes are suing our police (in essence, suing the tax payer) for $45 million. Apparently, they have no problem with their asshole buddies burning cop cars and smashing storefront window for no reason, but boy they sure get upset if they’re inconvenienced because they chose to put themselves right in the heart of the trouble their buddies created. Frankly, many of them make for a good argument for legalizing euthanasia. Do mankind a favour and simply put them down like the rabid dogs they are, I say. But you know what the really scary part is? Many of the asshole demonstrators who caused all the trouble at the G20 are presently enrolled in our university system here in Ontario and Quebec! What the f*** are they teaching in our universities nowadays, anyway? These jackasses simply haven’t got one iota of a clue just how great they’ve got it in our country. They rail against the system and then use the system for their education and free legal aid to get them out of jail. I’d be surprised if any even knew how to spell hypocrisy, let alone the meaning of the word. But I digress…. 🙂

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