Laundry Day

This photo comes from a while back during an outing with Mauro. The laundromat is near Jarvis St. & Dundas St., a relatively seedy area of town. You don’t want to be down here alone late at night, put it that way. Anyway, I saw this guy inside the laundromat leaning up against a table playing with his iPod and it just all worked out. I’m really happy with this shot. I’ve been negligent with my editing because I knew I was getting a new, much much faster  computer, which would make editing photos a snap. This is one of the ones I’ve been saving for this day. Because of some of the straightening involved in getting this photo just right, it might have taken literally hours to do on my old computer (most of that time would have been waiting for the software to catch up). Today I did the entire processing job in a couple of minutes. Hope you like it.

WARNING: Just a heads up that tomorrow I’ll be posting more photos from the fetish fair. A couple of them are pretty freaky and a bit racy. Just giving you a fair heads up. 😉

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2 Responses to Laundry Day

  1. I like the way the man draw the eye inside. Now you’ve got me wondering just how much you ‘do’ to your photos before you post them. Hmmm!!!!!

    • Oh I don’t do a lot, really. In many cases I’ll add some vignetting to draw focus on my subject. I also like to play with colour and such. And I’ll definitely crop and straighten as needed. This was just a lucky catch.

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