Batman meets Hindu Man

Here’s another photo of a performance artist down at Dundas Square dressed up as The Batman. In this shot a man approaches him to ask if he can get a photo of Batman holding his young son. It was quite cute once Batman had the boy up on one shoulder.

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4 Responses to Batman meets Hindu Man

  1. Both had interesting headpieces. :).

    • And one doesn’t have to worry about what to wear come Halloween. 🙂

      On a side note, Scott, I bought a monopod on the weekend and while the guy went to pull it from the stockroom I got to play with a gripped D700 sporting an 85mm F1.4 lens. It’s funny, but there was a time when I considered such a camera simply far too bulky and heavy for me. But this time I found myself surprised that it seemed far lighter than I remembered. I can’t wait to see what Nikon, and Canon, have in store for us by way of new full frames next year. I’ve heard rumours that Canon’s aiming for something around the 30 megxpixel range. Yikes!

  2. Joshua says:

    The guy on the right is actually Sikh, based on his turban 🙂

    Great shot – really captures the look of North American cities with the globalization we see. I’m in Taiwan, and you only really *sort of* see that in Taipei, the capital.

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