Watch me ride my bicycle!

There was something about this guy riding down the road that made me think there was a picture here. I’m not sure why I thought it would work, but even now months later I think it does. I also think it works best in b & w. This was taken on Queen St. in the heart of Leslieville in Toronto’s east end.

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6 Responses to Watch me ride my bicycle!

  1. Love this! It seems really ordinary, almost quaint, yet the composition is great and the overall effect is brilliant. I agree about the black and white, even though I didn’t see what it would have looked like in colour!

  2. Mary Lynn Muir says:

    He looks like he has a story to tell…this is one page in his book.

  3. lynnwiles says:

    If only the bicyclist had blocked that modern car to the left, it would be a real time warp picture. Photoshop cs5 anyone?

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