Marina under dramatic sky

It’s funny how things work out. Although in the back of my mind I did intend at some point to get out and try to shoot some fall foliage, I had no intention of doing it this week. But yesterday I got a call from the publisher of the community magazine I shoot for from time to time asking if I could go get some fall photos for the next issue. She mentioned a spot down at the Scarborough Bluffs that was particularly nice this time of year and this morning I headed down for a looksee myself. It was sheer luck that I had such a dramatic sky for a backdrop. If Sarah hadn’t called yesterday I might have missed this completely. I also got some nice shots of the bluffs in full autumn technicolour. I’ll post one or two over the weekend. This photo is of the marina at Bluffers Park. Boats on the water make for a nice shot, but that kickass sky really dials it up, I think. Hope you like it.

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4 Responses to Marina under dramatic sky

  1. aswirly says:

    Ooooh that IS one fab sky! There are some streaky clouds, some little fluffy ones… quite a beautiful sight over that marina.

  2. Wonderful catch and not one of those HDR concoctions either. Kudos.

    • Thanks. And you’re right, this isn’t an HDR shot. I don’t mind them if they are not overdone. I think in years to come they will be very dated. I’m getting HDR software in the bear future and am looking forward to giving it a whirl. We’ll see how they turn out. I’ll only be doing it to the odd photo, though.

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