Happy Halloween!

Well it’s over. I spent the early evening as I do every Halloween — sitting out front with my neighbours shelling out. It was a cold evening, but we had fun as usual talking politics and bitching about the waste at City Hall. At least this year we could rejoice in the fact that there’s a new Mayor — Rob Ford — and he’s got the taxpayers’ backs. Had a surprisingly low turnout of kids, though. Probably because of the cold. More good news: that skumbag terrorist, Omar Khadr, was sentenced to 40 years, although through a plea bargain he’ll do only 8 more in jail. There’s talk of him completing 7 of those 8 years here in Canada, but I’m hoping the feds will tell the U.S. he’s their problem, not ours. I don’t see why our tax dollars should be paying to keep this terrorist behind bars; after all, he murdered a U.S. soldier and was convicted by a U.S. military court. I say make him do the full 40 years in that Arizona super-max prison. Anyway, all in all it was a good Halloween. Hope you had a good one, too.

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