Lone Gull

I took this photo way back in the summer. I remember it was a hot day at the beach. Right now it’s 3 degrees C. outside. Yikes! It’s not supposed to be much warmer tonight for Halloween, unfortunately. The kiddies will have to dress warm. So will I, for that matter. I usually sit outside with my neighbours and hand out treats and talk politics and other current affairs. At least it’s not supposed to rain. Anyway, Happy Halloween.

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4 Responses to Lone Gull

  1. Jan Smith says:

    I love this shot. I like the horizon line low like you’ve done here. Nice job!

    I put up a new post on janlovespix with photos from my birthday party. Thought you might want to take a look. I’m still looking for someone to help with my new blog.

  2. teo says:

    This is just a perfect picture for me, Dave, really well done 🙂 I have to try to make some nice pics from the gulls here, yours is just so inspiring.

    Hope you had fun at Halloween!

    • Thanks Teo, that’s nice of you to say. Yes, my Halloween was lots of fun. It’s become a tradition for me and my neighbours to the north to get together in our driveways and hand out treats and chat. We also exchange treats and much on them, too. 🙂

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