Canadian Tire

This is the Canadian Tire store at the corner of Bay St. and Dundas St. in the heart of downtown Toronto. For those not familiar with Canadian Tire, it’s an icon here in Canada. Personally, I think this store location is rather odd, but I guess they know what they’re doing.

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7 Responses to Canadian Tire

  1. terry the censor says:

    Yeah, it doesn’t look like a Canadian Tire. (No gigantic parking lot? It’s practically a tradition!) But it’s very convenient for non-drivers like myself who want to go downtown to have a coffee, get a bottle of wine, look at a book, and buy a hockey stick all in one short trip. (I’ve done it.)

    • Yeah, I was thinking it would be a great location for all those condo dwellers. Plus there’s still plenty of housing downtown. Even the office workers wanting to grab some sort of hardware thingy on their lunch hour or directly after work.

  2. Brings back memories of the short Canadian Tire promos during Hockey Night in Canada broadcasts we would pull from CBC from Kingston, Ontario. Years later I finally got to go in on and I did buy a hockey stick when I did! Needed it for a tournament I was playing in near Toronto at the time.

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  4. ashar says:

    is the university , Ryerson, and the store in the same building?
    What is university doing on top of Tire store

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