This photo dates back to the summer, down at Dundas Square in the heart of Toronto. Not sure what they were protesting but I suspect the word “rights” is on the end of their title. Either that or they were promoting the “Everything you wanna know about sex” show, which comes to Toronto around twice a year. It’s actually coming up soon and believe it or not I’m thinking of going! 🙂 Anyway, I’ve got five more days of freedom left before I start my new job. I’m seeing my dentist late today for a cleaning and check up and then getting my hair cut tomorrow. I’m also trying to get a load of stuff done around the house that I won’t have time for once I’m back to full time work. Sadly, I suspect my blog posts will drop dramatically come Monday. I haven’t yet figured out how I’ll work that out.

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6 Responses to Masks

  1. Mary Lynn Muir says:

    Congratulations on your new job!

  2. terry the censor says:

    > I haven’t yet figured out how I’ll work that out.

    A new series: secret workplace photos.

    (Actually, no! Funny for us but getting the sack for you.)

  3. Mauro Metallo says:

    Great shot, Dave. Well executed.
    I remember those guys: They were raising awareness about the cruelty lingering in facilities like Marine Land, where Orcas are enslaved for life to perform for the crowd’s enterteinment from inside a fish tank.
    Totally on my page: Such places will NEVER see my money!
    Congratulations on your new job: I wish you all my very best.

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