Cheese string head

I saw this guy in the crowd down at Dundas Square in downtown Toronto and thought he’d make a fun shot. It was a while back now. Can’t remember what was going on. Quite the difference between this shot and the last one, eh? 🙂

So I had a good time at the Toronto Photo Walks party. Everyone brought their cameras but I left my at home — rats! They were shooting off-camera flash and everything. Many of the shots were terrific. I can’t wait to see them on Flickr.

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3 Responses to Cheese string head

  1. Frances says:

    You need to bring your camera along for the drive to and from work. Take the scenic route home sometimes. Make some CD’s of your favourite tunes to listen to them on the way home and sing your brains out. We all get pre-Monday anxiety, but usually not until Sunday night! Just think…the job can give you more money to buy camera stuff !

    • All great advice, Francis, thanks. The thing is, I have a serious anxiety issue to begin with. It was really bad a couple of years ago when I was trying to transition from my reno business to a brand new business. The closer I got to the launch date the more anxious I became. After a couple of bad panic attacks I finally realized my mind was telling me this new business was wrong for me. I ended up packing it in. Recently my anxiety’s gotten much better, but I suspect mostly because I was able to avoid all the things that make me so anxious.

      Anyway, I’ll just have to man up and stick it out. It’s waaaay too soon for me to let my anxiety get to me. After all, it’s only my first week. As I become more familiar with the job and the people, and more used to the horrendous drive every day, maybe I’m anxiety will abate.

  2. Frances says:

    Then you should add a few deep breaths into the mix. It’s great that you have pushed yourself forward and you have probably learned some coping skills along the way. I think if you could can possibly turn the drive into something that you look forward to, you are ahead of the game. Audio books are another great option…You will be dying to get to your car just to find out what happens in the next chapter! I should head my own advice, I’m the first one to have a fit when someone does something wrong on the road 🙂 Have a good Sunday. Relax & Enjoy!

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