Darth Vader doing yoga!

This fun photo dates back to the fall, where I learned the hard way how terribly difficult it must be to get proper exposure when photographing the bride and groom at a wedding. I mean, the bride’s all in the and the groom’s all in black, right? I must have shot a half dozen photos before finally figuring out how to proper expose the scene. This isn’t perfect but it’s pretty close. The white of the storm trooper is slightly blown but at least Darth is properly exposed.

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5 Responses to Darth Vader doing yoga!

  1. This is awesome. It’s important to expose for Vader rather than the Stormtroopers – he’s the one more likely to strangle you if he takes offense to his portrait 🙂

  2. Oh Dave! What a great illustration this could be for a certain writing brewing in my mind. Ha. If I decide to post such thoughts, could I use this photo–with credit and link to you, of coursse–for visual effect? Hmm?

  3. y says:

    great shot – did you catch the VW ad yet? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R55e-uHQna0

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