Manufactured Sunlight

I was walking up Yonge St. a while back and came across a movie set, or at least the outside of one. Could have been for a TV show, I don’t know. They had these huge lights outside illuminating the windows to simulate direct sunlight. It was pretty cool. I snapped a photo not knowing how I’d process it, but in the end it seemed to want to be a black & white. It’s definitely different.

So I’m getting settled into my new gig. I found a new way home that avoids all the unpleasantness of the Don Valley Parkway, thank baby jebus. I tried it last night and tonight and was home a full half hour to 40 minutes quicker. Yay!!! The downside is I’m now dealing with street traffic, but who cares so long as it means getting home earlier — way earlier. My boss is very understanding and I get to split right at 5:00 to ensure I get a jump on the drive. Just an extra 5 minutes in the office can add 20 minutes to the commute. And I got my first pay cheque last Friday. Another yay!!! It’s nice to see money moving into my bank account for a change. All in all, I’m really starting to get used to being back to work.

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7 Responses to Manufactured Sunlight

  1. John Griggs says:

    Haven’t dug into your history much, so I’m sorry to hear you were out of work — it’s a disease down here in the ‘States.

    Somehow, even though I’m in the steel industry, I’ve had a job for all of the last 19 years. Defies the odds in this business.

    Hope you can continue to prosper! Perhaps your new job and the drive home will yield you more interesting photo opportunities like this one.

    I didn’t see the color shot, but this is cool in black and white and definitely different.

    • Thanks John. I’ve been basically without full time unemployment for the past 18 months, give or take. I do have a part time gig editing a national trade magazine but it doesn’t pay enough to live on. Just part time. I was really hoping to try to get into photography but then this job came along. Fingers crossed it works out in the long run. I know things are bad down there. I saw something about it on 60 Minutes a couple of weeks back. Very sad. Hope you guys make your way out of theses troubled times.

  2. Frances says:

    Nice pic in black & white…seems it should be that way. Congrats on finding a new way home and getting in the flow…of traffic and the job.

  3. Nice capture and wonderful light variations.

  4. Great shot – love the repeating shapes and patterns of light. And congrats on finding a way to avoid (some of) the traffic!

  5. Thanks everybody. Glad you liked this one. 🙂

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