New building and pretty poster

This building is likely on it’s final stages of completion, based on when the photo was taken months back. I was attracted to the juxtaposition of the lovely woman on the billboard below with the harshness of the construction site above. I’m a little sketchy on the meaning of the word juxtaposition, but I think I’m using it correctly here. Basically the contrast or incongruence of the two subjects made me think this might be photo worthy. Or, to dumb it down a tad: Me likey da pretty girly on da poster and da big building above ‘er.

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4 Responses to New building and pretty poster

  1. Frances says:

    LOL…you can be quite humorous at times. Hope you had a nice holiday and got out for some pictures. Looks like the New Years “Hair of the Dog” calls for rain. I think I’ll pass on that one. I was out with Michelle yesterday…we had an awesome day! Anyway, nice pictures…keep them coming!

    • Thanks Francis. 🙂 I haven’t checked the weather for next weekend yet. I know they’re talking rain Friday. Hopefully by Sunday it’ll be good enough to get out for some photos. If it rains I’m not going either.

      Say Hi to Michelle for me the next time you see her. She comments on my facebook page from time to time. I’m surprised you haven’t started a blog for showcasing your own photos. Maybe that’s something to consider for the new year. You could start a 365 photos project where you post a new photo daily for one year. It’s fun and you’ll meet new people while in your PJs, which is the best way. 🙂

      • Frances says:

        You are a mind reader. I was planning the 365 day thing. I have started a blog, but it’s lame at the moment…I haven’t even looked at it for awhile – if that’s any indication… I started a Flickr page too, I need to update that – maybe today. I don’t really know what I’m doing, I have to find the time and mostly, the patience…to get it all going. Taking all things Christmas down to the basement since I’m off. Holidays……gotta love them !!!

  2. Yeah, it is indeed time consuming. My first blog, which was on an entirely different topic, was a bugger to set up. I knew nothing about how to do it. It worked out well, though. And it gave me the foundation to start Lazy Photographer.

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