The big demolition

Upon seeing this shot it now dawns on me I should have had my buddy standing in it somewhere to give you a sense of scale. That pile of debris is HUGE, although in this photo it looks rather small. I guess if you consider the fence to the right and the fact it’s 8 feet tall, that should give you an idea of just how large this pile is. My buddy grew up in the highrise to the far right of the shot. That’s how he knew about this site. It used to be a large apartment building, too, but they’re replacing it with another one. I got a few dozen close ups of the debris that should make for some interesting abstracts or whatever you want to call it. The photo above is actually six photos stitched together into a large panoramic.

So last night my other buddy and I went to the CN Tower for dinner. Man, it was spectacular. I didn’t bring my camera, as I thought it just wouldn’t be appropriate. Him and I like to talk and the camera would have just gotten in the way. You can’t get any good shots from the restaurant at night anyway, because of the reflections in the glass. We took the TTC (Toronto Subway) down there, which was an interesting experience for me since I haven’t been on the TTC for decades. I’m definitely going back with the camera. After dinner we were both stuffed, so we decided to walk to Union Station. One thing led to another and we ended up just walking home to his house at Coxwell Ave. and Danforth Ave. Unless you understand where the CN Tower is in relation to his house, you can’t possibly appreciate just how far a walk this is. We didn’t make it to his house until 1:50 AM. I drove home from there and by the time I got to sleep it was coming on 3:00 AM. I’m pretty tired today, as you can imagine, but my other buddy’s coming over this morning and we’re going out again for more photos. All in all, this has been an action packed weekend, for sure. I’m going to be awfully tired tonight. Anyway, sorry for the looong story. Have a fun holiday Monday.

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2 Responses to The big demolition

  1. As with all your photos, I admire the technique. What really sticks out here for me, however, is that I am a city planner. The idea of life cycles of development stick in my mind, and you document the beginning of the end of one here.


    Enjoyable, as always,

    • Thank you so much for saying so. I love photographing the changing city. I have a couple of photos from today I think you’re really going to enjoy. I just have to load them onto the computer and do a little processing.

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