Christmas Windows

Looks like The Bay (The Hudson’s Bay Company) is a tad tardy about taking down their Christmas windows. I took this photo on New Years Day. Last year I snapped off a couple of shots of the same windows a couple of weeks prior to Christmas with my old point & shoot. You can see those photos here. I might try to get back downtown again tomorrow. We’ll see how I feel. I’m dog tired at the moment, but I taped a documentary on famed photographer, Annie Leibovitz so I think I’ll have a nice glass of wine and watch that. I’ve seen it before but I find docs on photographers to be so inspiring. Hope you have a good night and a great weekend. Maybe I’ll have some new photos to show you before it’s over.

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3 Responses to Christmas Windows

  1. The contrast of the floor level with the higher levels is amazingly cool.

    Always impressed by your composition.


  2. Frances says:

    Love the red! Perfection!

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