Queen West G20

I took this photo the Sunday morning after the G20 rampage back in June in downtown Toronto. Hundreds of thousands of bucks worth of damage was done by assholes showing off how little they know about how the world works. The alarming bit is that it turns out a group of these losers are students of what is supposed to be one of Canada’s leading universities. What the hell are they teaching them is what I’d like to know. The really sad part is now, months later, the focus isn’t on the losers who did all the damage but on the cops who protect our city on a daily basis. If I were running things I’d ban every single member of the black block crowd from attending any publicly funded form of higher education for life. No school for you, losers. Say hello to a life of pumping gas into the cars of law abiding citizens. That’s just my take, of course. Your mileage, as always, may vary. 😉 Oh, as an aside, the folks in the photo have nothing to do with the losers I mentioned. They just happened to be walking by as I took the photo.

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