Who Likes PIZZA!!!

I do, I do… I do, really. 🙂 This photo is of a little pizza joint on Coxwell Ave just north of Gerrard St in Little India. I’ve never been there but when I walked past it one day I couldn’t help but snap a photo. Hope you like it.

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10 Responses to Who Likes PIZZA!!!

  1. wildstorm says:

    I LOVE pizza too! I find it interesting to read signs of things I am familiar with in different parts of the world.

    • Never thought of it like that before. So you guys have heard of pizza down there south of the border! I thought that was like a Canadian secret. 🙂 Just kidding. We even have Dominos up here. I know that that’s a U.S. pizza chain. Long live pizza! 🙂

  2. Frances says:

    My son used to go there a lot at lunch time, when he was at Bowmore last year. Two slices and a pop – just like the menu says!

    • How about that. Small world, eh? Nowadays I buy that Dr Otkler (sp?) frozen pizza. I add some fresh parm and a drizzle of olive oil an d cracked pepper and it’s better than the pizzeria joints. Way less money too.

  3. milkayphoto says:

    I do! I do! We make pizza at LEAST once a week. Loooooovvvvvve pizza. We used to go OUT for it all the time until we began making it at home on our pizza stone. We even have a pizza stone for the grill. Yep, we are that dedicated to pizza.

    Cool shot! Although, I am STUNNED there isn’t a pizza guy hanging out behind that counter…

    • Yeah, a pizza guy would have totally elivated this shot.

      I have a pizza stone too. Never used it, though. Tried to make pizza once and for the life of me I couldn’t get the dough to play nice. I think I didn’t let it sit lone enough out of the fridge. No matter what I did it would simply spring back into a ball shape. Never tried a second time.

      If I ever visit your city I’m expecting home made pzza at your place, Tracy. You understand that, right? 🙂

  4. Thanks Tracy.

    I did buy it pre-made, but I still couldn’t get it to stretch out properly. Oh well, next time.

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