Union Station!

Here’s an other photo from yesterday’s outing. This (in my opinion) really only works as a black & white. I checked it out in colour first and it wasn’t speaking to me. Once I began dialling it up in b & w, it turned into something I liked. This is Union Station, by the way, on Front St. at Bay St. If I[‘d had a wider lens I could have gotten it all in. Damn! On the flip side, once I upgrade to a full frame camera, I’ll be shooting with a 24-70mm F2.8 lens. Right now I’m 17-50mm lens translates to 28mm in full frame language. That means I’ll be shooting 4mm wider at the wide end of the focal range. I also plan to buy a 16-35mm, which will totally kick ass! Don’t even ask how much. I’m guessing it’ll be around $6,000 or so. Better start saving up now or planning a bank job.

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4 Responses to Union Station!

  1. Frances says:

    1 word !

  2. Frances says:

    Never assume !! You’ve heard that before right? But in this case…it’s ok. You are right…. Which is remarkable being a man and all. Ha. ! Don’t know why I’m in this mood…they must have put something in my wine at the liquor store !

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