Dreamy Island

Thought I’d show you something different today. This is from the summer, at the Toronto Islands. I played with it in Lightroom to lower the clarity and up the contrast. I think it makes for something a bit out of the norm. Personally I like it but of course your mileage may vary.

Ironically, I made it to work today through the winter’s worst snow storm in record time. I arrive 45 minutes early, in fact. The trip home was just as uneventful. I wish all my rides could be as easy-peasy. I think the secret is to simply leave before everyone else does. I was up at 5:15 AM and on the road before 7:00 AM. I also carpooled, which meant riding in the carpool lane, a first for me. Most days this would be a dream come true but today made very little difference since everyone seemed to elect to stay home. I don’t care as long as it means getting home early. I even went for a beer with my carpool buddy after work.

Tomorrow’s Thursday and I suspect all those who took today off wil chose to go in tomorrow, making the roads busier than usual. It’ll be interesting to see if this proves true.

Anyway, hope you like the photo. And a big thanks to Regina for subscribing to my blog today. If anyone 3else wishes to follow along, simply scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the subscribe button. You’ll receive an email with a link each time I post a photo, which is once or twice a day and maybe three times a day on the weekends.

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10 Responses to Dreamy Island

  1. milkayphoto says:

    Oh, my! This is lovely, Dave! Showing our softer feminine side are we? 🙂

  2. terry the censor says:

    > I made it to work today through the winter’s worst snow storm in record time.

    I work from home now — not a bad thing on a day like today, but it’s depressing to be trapped inside when the weather is nice.

  3. Angelina says:

    I really like the dreaminess of this pic. It’s very romantic. Perfect for Valentines.

  4. Clara says:

    Ooo… mystical!

  5. lynnwiles says:

    Very dreamy indeed, makes one want to reside there and that’s a good thing.

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