My world Tuesday

This was a cool thing to watch. I was sort of thinking about this group of buildings and how to shoot them when a flock of birds came storming by. I cursed because by the time I figured they’d make a great photo they were gone. But I noticed they were moving from a low rooftop to a tree and circling around So I lined up the shot and simply waited until they made another lap. When they filled my viewfinder I snapped off this photo. The buildings alone would have been cool, but getting the birds in the shot really makes it, in my opinion. When you see a flock of birds flying around keep your eye on them because you never know, they might just come back around.

Thanks everyone who voted in my poll. Seems the second photo is winning. I forgot to mention: when I added colour to the streetcar reflected in the storefront window, I carefully desaturated the tree limbs and branches in front of the reflection. It’s hard to noticed, but boy did it take some work.

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Oh, and this week I’m including this in the My World Tuesday meme.

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12 Responses to My world Tuesday

  1. Mary Lynn Muir says:

    Great timing! Well-trained birds. Fantastic perspective, as usual.

  2. Kristin says:

    That’s not an ordinary sight. Yes, it is really frustrating especially when you are about to take some good shots, everything is gone. Hope you have better luck next time. May you have more beautiful photos. Have a nice day.

  3. Chloe says:

    great one!

  4. milkayphoto says:

    Wondefully planned, Dave!

    The only thing that is distracting me (and not your fault) is that thing (crane? antenna?) on top of the center building. Easy to clone out and will make the image cleaner.

  5. I am interested in light and shadow in his building, making a nice place.

  6. Thanks everyone. I see what you mean about the crane, Tracy. Me, I sorta like cranes and it does speak to the fact the building is under construction.

    • milkayphoto says:

      Sometimes you have to take a step back and look at your photos from the viewer’s perspective, who may have no idea where in reality the photo was taken. They most certainly won’t know the building is under construction. This is the perspective I from which I viewed the image. It is composed so nicely and the flying birds add an organic quality whch juxtaposes perfectly with the urban setting. Then, there’s that ‘thing’ sticking out the top of the center building. And I begin to focus on that ‘thing’ secretly wishing it weren’t there. Just like that, the image is then dismissed. I’m not saying all viewers will have this reaction. Some may not even care about the ‘thing’.

      For my own purpose, I pulled the image into PS and cloned out the crane JUST to see how it look. FANTASTIC! Did exactly what I thought it would.

      (I’ve sent you the version sans crane via e-mail). No worries, I’ve since deleted the image from my PC (not into stealing artist work).

      • Excellent work, Tracy. I like it without the crane, as well. I see your point about stepping back. Thanks for taking the time with this one. Much appreciated. And of course I’m not at all worried about you “stealing” my photo.

  7. lynnwiles says:

    The birds do give the image another dimension of the good kind.

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