Big Red Bug in Window!

I saw this little VW bug in a knickknack shop window on Queen West on Saturday and had to take a photo of it. I dialled back the saturation on the rest of the window but pumped up the red on the bug to make it stand out a bit. I think it’s a neat affect. I also played with the colours to give the photo an older ’70s look and feel. I love old photos, as you know. On funny thing I noticed is the emergency cigarette in a tube at the bottom of the photo. Like, what the hell’s that for? 🙂

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3 Responses to Big Red Bug in Window!

  1. spiderpaw says:

    As a former smoker, it’s for in case of emergency (break glass)!

  2. Ahh as a purist who does NOT play with my photos–I send a kick to your shins for making me think you managed this without ‘playing’. Still, I like it–including the emergency cigarrette–it’s a sign of a certain time. Spiderpaw’s comment suffices. I’ve never smoked but I grew up around lots of smokers and every one always had an emergency “stash” somewhere in their house, car or clothes. An addiction is an addiction.

  3. Thanks spiderpaw and 47WB. I also grew up in a smoking household. I remember driving out west over five days, 8 hours a day, with both my parents smoking like chimneys in the front seat and me slowly dying of either cancer or boredom in the back seat. No wonder I’m only 4 ft, 11 inches. 🙂

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