Yoda super wide!

During my outing yesterday I was fortunate enough to get to trade lenses with another photographer (Laura) who has a super wide angle Canon 10-22mm. Mine is 17-50mm. I only got to take a few shots around the Gladstone Hotel, but what a treat! I so need to get a wide angle lens. Anyway, Laura’s boyfriend (Ivan) suggested this shot. He’d already taken it with his Nikon and 11-16mm Tokina lens. I mention that because I don’t want to take credit for the idea of this photo.

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10 Responses to Yoda super wide!

  1. Frances says:

    Love this picture. Teal and purple, angles…all of it..and I’m not even into Star Wars !

    • Thanks Frances. The colours do work. I was half expecting to bump into you at the walk yesterday. Maybe another time.

      • Frances says:

        I know..I’ve got to get back into those walks, I only went on a couple and I really enjoyed them. But now I go on my own when I feel like it – not at10 a.m. and definitely NOT after some wine the night before :). I’m surprised we havent met already – having some mutual friends and living close by to each other. One day…for sure.

  2. great angle and light! without others where would we be 😉 -Kim

  3. Frances:
    Yeah I hear ya about the 10:00 AM. I’m an early riser but I like to have a slow and easy Saturday morning. I hate rushing to get their for 10. Yesterday I met up with them around 11:20 AM, which worked out fine. I’m sure we’ll meet at some point.

  4. Regina says:

    Nice shot! wide angle lens are magical!

  5. milkayphoto says:

    Hi Dave – I like the shot (angle of view and the lighting is fantastic!) BUT, would suggest blocking out the man’s face on the right. He doesn’t fit the story, doesn’t add anything and is distracting (to me, anyways). Others may not think so. As always, JMHO… 🙂

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