Afternoon at the Gladstone

Here’s another photo with the Canon 10-22mm wide angle lens. Man it sure gives a wide perspective. This is the Gladstone Hotel, where we stopped for lunch on Saturday.

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2 Responses to Afternoon at the Gladstone

  1. Frances says:

    Looks like a good pint can be had here. I like that aspect of the Toronto Photo Walks! I just came back from the Lake and Glen Stewart Ravine. Oh My God….was it cold down at the beach or what? !! I thought my legs were going to give out climbing over rocks and crap just to get a picture of the water!! Buster sure had a good time though.

    • Yeah, the Gladstone’s alright. If I find myself in that end of town I’d definitely stop there.

      Man I wish I could hit the beach today. I get the feeling we’re in for a dynamite sunset. I bet you got some lovely shots. Good for you for braving the cold. Me I’ve got chores around the house before back to work tomorrow.

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