When will it ever end!!!

I’m talking about winter of course. This snowy scene is from a few weeks back at Glen Manor Park. We don’t really have much snow at the moment and it’s even supposed to warm up a bit. March is right around the corner so winter’s definitely in the rear view mirror. Let’s hope, anyway, right?

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6 Responses to When will it ever end!!!

  1. Frances says:

    Hey…I have a black and white from around there too from the other day… please check it out on my blog…Not the calibre of yours mind you, but one day perhaps, I have loved this winter because of the camera – more than any other winter..but I must say… I am looking forward to going to Jamaica on Saturday!!! I cant wait to pictures down there !!!! How’s the flatulence chowder working for ya?

    • Thanks Frances. Yeah, yours looks great. I especially like the frozen lake shots.

      The soup’s been very kind to me. No problems at all. 🙂

      Jamaica, eh? Lucky you. You’ll get some great shots there for sure. Be careful, though.

  2. terry the censor says:

    > When will it ever end!!!

    I think all the snow melted Wednesday afternoon. I played catch (the baseball kind) with an eight-year-old after school. His mom was online that night arranging a field trip for her class to a Blue Jays game.

  3. lynnwiles says:

    Bleh, I’m so sick of snow and ice, even though your photo is nice.

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