Greedy Pockets

These two ambitious artists were on Yonge St. selling their music CD. I promised to mention them on my blog but have been reluctant because the photos weren’t that sharp. Once again I wasn’t paying close enough attention to my shutter speed. The first shot’s at 1/15th of a second and the second shot’s at 1/10th of a second. Both too slow to hand hold, although the first one’s not that bad. Sadly, I could have easily doubled the shutter speed by two ways: 1. up my ISO to 200 from 100 (1 full stop) or, 2. opened my lens up (let more light in) to f4 from f5.6 (1 full stop). If I did both 1. and 2. I would have increased my shutter speed to 1/60th and 1/40th of a second, easily hand holdable. This photo dates back to before I started talking about this stuff on my blog. I’ve noticed already that I’m paying more attention to these things, which is good.

Anyway, the guy in the back heads up the band, Greedy Pockets. His CD is called “1st time’s the charm.” You can check it out on Youtube at: I wish them all the best and much success. They were both very friendly and outgoing and happily let me photograph them. I’m just sorry the image isn’t sharper. Next time.

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