Gladstone wide angle portrait

EXIF DATA: Ap | 10mm | f3.5 | 1/20s | ISO 400

Here’s another photo from the Toronto Photo Walks outing last weekend. Alfred was once again kind enough to let me photograph him. This was taken with a Canon 10-22mm wide angle lens @ 10mm. I think the photo worked out, but only by sheer luck. As you can see from the exif data, the shutter is only 1/20th of a second. Ideally with this sort of subject it should never be less than 1/60th, although with an image stabilized lens you can get away with 1/30th. Shooting at 1/20th is simply too hard to hold steady, but I did somehow manage to do it. Unlike my 17-50mm Tamron lens, the widest aperture on this lens is f3.5 (mine goes wider to f2.8). Since I was already shooting wide open, I had only two choices to increase the shutter speed: 1. up my ISO by one stop to 800, which would have doubled my shutter speed to 1/40s, or 2. add more light by either moving the subject closer to the windows or turning on the overhead lights. Obviously I was going for a dark and moody shot here so adding more light would have wrecked that. The only viable solution would be to up my ISO a stop.

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3 Responses to Gladstone wide angle portrait

  1. wherewander says:

    steady hands!!! I love the picture!!

  2. Francis says:

    Very interesting picture.

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