I honestly have no idea of where we were when I took this shot. It was inside, obviously, and on Bloor St. near Bay St., but I don’t know the name of the place. Doesn’t matter. I saw this floor and thought it would make a neat photo, but needed something more. I asked my friend Vicki to go stand behind a wall with her foot sticking out. In retrospect I think I should have set it up a tad differently. But I still like it, nonetheless. Hope you do too. This is going to be the week of hell at work, as is the first week of every month. To make matters worse, I just took on an entirely new function last week and am still learning it. I’m a tad anxious about having my volume quadruple this week while still not entirely sure of what I’m doing. Thanks God I’m surrounded by a great team that will make sure I don’t drop the ball. Wish me luck.

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10 Responses to Patterns

  1. astrawally says:

    Cool photo, excellent tones… Good luck
    Much Love
    Astra Wally

  2. Mary Lynn Muir says:

    Good luck – but I’m sure you will be just fine!
    Great pattern photo.

  3. Kieran Hamilton says:

    Love the patterns in this shot, really nice!

  4. lynnwiles says:

    Very nice shot Dave and I know what you mean about busyness and taking on more & more at work. Sometimes it is just too much.

  5. Frances says:

    Another Awesome shot…

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