Look waaay up!

I really struggled with this one. I took almost a dozen shots and still wasn’t getting anything more than snapshots of people posing with the guy in stilts made up to look really tall. I wasn’t sure what I wanted, really. Just something that wasn’t what everyone else was obviously getting. I tried shooting from really low and even then wasn’t getting much. Then this couple cut into my shot and that was it. I like photos that appear to be snippets of real life, where you’re catching a moment in a crowd. In this case because the couple were so close to me while the stilt man was farther back, they almost appear the same height. Another thing I struggled with is whether to post in black & white or colour. Both look nice to my eye. In the end I decided black & white was the way to go. By the way, this was taken during an ice sculpture contest in Yorkville, a trendy area where all the movie stars hang out when they come to Toronto. Very expensive place to shop and eat. I never did get any shots of the ice sculptures, but frankly I wasn’t that interested.

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2 Responses to Look waaay up!

  1. I like this – the low perspective makes the shot for me.

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