Are my sweat stains showing?

I took a handful of seagull photos Saturday while at Sugar beach. They were everywhere. It was quite funny, actually, what with all these photographers chasing seagulls for photos like a horde of paparazzo chasing Charlie Sheen. I was actually quite surprised that a couple of photos came out nice and sharp. I love this one, except for the bird behind my subject just taking flight. Sort of distracts from the bird I was photographing. Anyway, hope you like it. We’re getting another blast of snow tonight and tomorrow. That sucks and blows, defying the laws of physics as we know it. Oh well, life goes on, right?

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6 Responses to Are my sweat stains showing?

  1. whatsaysyou says:

    That is a beautiful picture of a seagull. That bird looks magnifique 🙂

  2. Frances says:

    Wow…I always forget to enlarge your photos for the full impact. This one is “awesome” … yellow feet, eyes and beak…who knew? Not moi !!

  3. I don’t think the seagull in the back detracts at all! It adds to the story of the photo. Great job!

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