A wonderful Day

So just how nice was it here in Toronto yesterday? This photo speaks volumes. What it doesn’t tell you is how windy it was, which was a bit of a drag. Nonetheless, I had my fill of fun for the weekend. I met some new people and really enjoyed myself. This majestic tree is located at Allan Gardens (Jarvis St. & Gerrard St.) in the east part of downtown Toronto. Not really sure what kind of tree it is, except that it’s not a birch. If you know, please chime in.

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4 Responses to A wonderful Day

  1. Tracy Zhang says:

    I used to live right around the corner from Allan Gardens – great photo. I’m looking forward to moving back to Toronto this summer!

  2. Kieran Hamilton says:

    Great pic, we had the same problem here yesterday, sunny but really windy!

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