Queen West Drummer

During my outing Saturday I ran into my friend Vicky from the photo walks group and we ended up out at Queen & Spadina for couple of pints at the Horseshoe Tavern. From there we headed up Spadina, but not before passing this street drummer, who happened to live in Vicky’s building. I took this shot with my new lens and once again I had to get really close to make it work. The lens can be used far more creatively, but I also like this sort of shot. It’s a bit distorted but just enough to give it a bit of a creative flare. Hope you like it.

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4 Responses to Queen West Drummer

  1. Interesting image, not sure about the drummers pose, but definitely it would have been nice to see you crop in tighter, removing left side distraction, to create more drama with the drummer and the receding buildings. Good job, I am seeing an eye.

  2. I like it and never would have thought to use the lens with way.

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