Haunted Farmhouse

I’m not sure how many of you are creative writers, but those who are will get this. Have you ever written a scary story of any kind? Like, maybe a ghost story or haunted house story? I have and I’ll tell you, you can’t help but become affected by your story as you are writing it. Back in the day I would get into a writing jag just before bedtime and end up writing my entire night away. If the story was spooky, I’d get totally freaked out while I wrote it alone in the wee hours of the morning, just like you do when you watch a scary movie. Well, taking the above photos had a similar effect on my today.

Let’s back up: A week ago I was having a particularly trying day at work and during my lunch decided to drive north into farm country. I work at the very north end of Toronto so it’s not too far. During my drive I noticed this abandoned farm house set far back from the empty two lane blacktop. There wasn’t another house in site. I didn’t have my camera that day but promised myself a return trip. All week I’ve been thinking about this house. Today I finally went back. It was raining and very stormy out; perfect weather for the haunted farmhouse story that was brewing in my head. I went inside and took a bunch of photos but never ventured to the second floor and stayed far away from the basement stairs that lead into an eerie darkness below the house. While shooting I kept hearing noises from other rooms — small, suggestive creaking noises — but I assumed it was only the wind blowing through the broken windows.  Finally, my time was up and I had to get back to work or suffer the wrath of my boss who sits next to me. Okay, I’m only kidding about that part. 🙂

So here are three of the shots from my lunch hour. I’ve got more to post at a later date when I get done processing them. Bet no one had a lunch hour as exciting as mine today. 🙂 Oh, and yes I fully intend to go back. I still want to shoot more exterior shots and the dilapidated barn.

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9 Responses to Haunted Farmhouse

  1. Frances says:

    Ohhh..that is exciting and scary at the same time… What an interesting thing to do on your lunch hour !!! Sure would get rid of any stress that might have built up in the morning ! Great pics. I love that idea. !

    • Thanks Frances. Yeah, it was fun but I wish I’d had someone there with me. I really hope the house stays open for a while because I’d love to go back a handful of times. The more time I spend in it the more I’ll get a real feel for the place and the better the photos will be.

  2. lulu says:

    I have to admit, great pictures especially the house from outside, and it is really amazing with all the creepy details, the broken door, and the wire that dangling from the roof, the shadows on the window, I love it. But next time, make sure to tell your boss when you decide to take pictures for hunted houses.

  3. milkayphoto says:

    I don’t get scary from these images…I get sad. This was someone’s home, someone’s life. I wonder what happened? Why doesn’t anyone else now live there?? Hmmmm….

  4. Frank says:

    Those are some great photo’s… Go ahead take your time taking them.

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