I saw this couple napping at the botanical gardens downtown during an outing a couple of weeks back. I thought it was pretty sweet. There’s nothing more peaceful than napping with a loved one, eh? It’s sort of what life’s supposed to be about. Little moments like this is what makes the more arduous parts of life bearable. They say people who have a companion are more likely to live longer than people who live their lives alone. That sounds about right. Me, I’m at that age where I try not to think about stuff like this too much anymore. Sometimes it’s simply better to embrace the cards life has dealt you and not get all caught up in things beyond your grasp. After all, wealth is defined not by how much you have but by how little you need, right? They say there’s someone out there for everyone. Trust me, there’s not. 😉 There’s just luck of the draw.

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10 Responses to Love

  1. Frances says:

    Oh…don’t say things like that… wealth is defined by how little you need … cause all you need is love !! That IS what life is all about! The longer the period of time that you are not with someone, the more distant the feeling you once had for another is. All hope is not lost… for all of us. I don’t like to hear another person say “Trust Me … there’s not” … keep an open mind and an open heart and you never know what may come your way. Nice photo…on another note…. his leg is probably numb and his neck is going to hurt when he wakes up… so it’s not all its cracked up to be anyway 🙂

  2. Chloe says:

    i’m sure the right person will come along for you when you least expect it, don’t give up yet!

    p.s did they know you took this photo? i love candid people photography

    • The right person already came along a very long time ago. Her name is Claudine. She’s married now with three kids. We still talk from time to time.

      I hope I’m not coming across like I’m unhappy, because that isn’t the case, really. I’m content with who I am and how things have turned out for me. That’s not a bad place to be.

      The couple in the photo didn’t suspect a thing. 🙂

  3. Geoff says:

    I like it, the picture that is. Some people have a peaceful life.
    There is someone out there for everyone, don’t despair.

    • Thanks. Okay, clearly I have made a mess of this post. 🙂 I really have no reason to despair. I own a nice house, have a great job, enjoy a fun hobby, was raised by wonderful parents and live in a great country. I’m a very lucky person.

  4. lulu says:

    I am a romantic person who believes in love; so the photo is cute and it is a great one. Regarding your comment , oh well I agree only with the part that says it is just luck of the draw.

    • Glad you like the photo, Lina. Yep, it’s all about luck and there’s nothing wrong with that. On the other hand, those who choose to believe in fate might be right, who knows. Whatever works for you, right? I mean, it’s all good.

  5. dhaami says:

    nice candid! and agree with you completely. There isn’t ‘necessarily’ someone for everyone. and you don’t ‘necessarily’ meet them. It’s all random. And I’m neither a cynic nor unhappy.

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