Jerome & Co.

The guy on the left is Jerome, one of the members of our photo walks group. Great guy. Very pleasant personality and great sense of humour. So I’m on one side of the street when he calls me over to take a photo with this other guy. I assume they know each other and just crossed paths on the street. So off I go and I shoot a few shots. Only afterwards do I find out that Jerome didn’t know the guy at all. He was just walking down the street and stopped to ask who we were. A group of 15 to 25 people with cameras tends to raise questions with the natives. One thing led to another and somehow the guy was convinced to get his photo taken. I’m not even sure if Jerome intended to be in the photo. I included him because I thought they were friends. It was quite comical, actually.

On a technical note, the first two photos were shot with the sun behind the guys, which caused their faces to be in shadow. It made for some tricky processing on the computer later. The last shot I had them turn around so the sun was behind me and shining on their faces. As you can see, this is the preferable way to shoot people, with the sun behind the photographer. Ideally, the sun should be low in the sky and off to one side, rather than hitting them straight on. Now, with that said, you can also get nice shots with the sun behind the subject by using a flash or a reflector to bounce some light on the face. The result, when done right, is you get nice shimmering light around the person’s hair. So, if you get an opportunity to shoot people in the street, take a look at where the sun is and consider the best place to have them stand. I often ask people to move into better light for me and they always agree. Oh, and the worst time of day to shoot people is at noon when the sun’s right over your head. It can cast shadows on the face in an unflattering way.

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  1. Your post makes me want to practice shooting people again. Cheers. 🙂

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