Old School

During my outing with the photo walks group last Saturday we came upon what appeared to be an abandoned school. Upon further investigation, however, I now suspect it’s a very run down school still in operation. Anyway, it made for some interesting shots.

Just got in from an evening of drinks and jazz at a little pub called Ten Feet Tall on the Danforth. Amazing food, great music. At one point the cook got up and sang two songs and she was totally amazing. I mean full on professional level singer. We stayed for another drink just to hear her. I wish I’d brought my camera, even thought I don’t have a lens suitable for this type of photography. My buddy and I shared a house for a number of years so we’re very close. He’s got two young ones now so we don’t get out often. It was a nice treat. Tomorrow I meet my other friend, Jen, for an afternoon of photography downtown. This is our first time getting together like this so I hope she has a good time. She’s interested in photography and I’ve wanted to photograph her for a long time now. Should be fun. I just hope my inevitable hangover doesn’t dampen the day. At least my chores are done. 🙂

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5 Responses to Old School

  1. Chloe [Photographer] says:

    i really should try and find a photo walks group here, i know i would enjoy it very much
    really enjoying your photos, they are always so live and refreshing
    i’m still working on my fears 🙂

    • Oh you should. I’m sure they’re around. Check this out:


      Heritage reflections

      Me, I’m a terribly shy person and I actually went through a bought of Social Anxiety Disorder. Simply, I could no longer be around people except for a couple of old friends. When I joined the Toronto Photo Walks group I emailed the administrator to let him know I was coming. I then had to drive waay out to the west end of Toronto to an area I did not know well. The walk that day was in an area called Graffiti Alley. A bunch of interconnected lane-ways covered in graffiti. I had no idea where the group was so I just started walking the lanes. I turned a corner and came across like 25 people with cameras. I was very nervous. But they couldn’t have been better about it. They made a great effort to make me feel welcome and they were very inclusive. By our first break for lunch I felt like I fit right in and knew I’d be back. It was the best thing I’ve done in a long time and I’ve now made a bunch of new friends who share my hobby.

      My point is, I’m sure if you give it a try (joining a group) you won’t regret it. It’s also an outstanding learning opportunity. And when you talk about photography and cameras and such, you’ll be around people who are interested in what you’re talking about. Keep me posted if you do. I’d love to hear about it. Then, when I come to visit Australia I can hook up with that group for a day and I’ll already know someone, right? 🙂

  2. Frances says:

    Awesome, my grade school was just torn down last couple of weeks, Corpus Christi. Sad, I went and took some shots of it though before it was demolished. . Looks like I’ll have to run and get some shots of The Alpine too!! Well, my day will be throwing trash out into the huge junk bin in my driveway ! I’m decluttering my life and my house at the same time. Have fun on your outing. Looks like a perfect day!

    • Thanks Frances. And a special thanks for reminding me about the Alpine. I want to get a couple of shots of it too, before it’s torn down. I should have gotten on that earlier this morning.

      Yeah, de-cluttering is a good thing. I really need to lighten my life, too. Good luck. You’ll feel great about it once it’s done.

  3. Chloe [Photographer] says:

    i’m about to check out the links (thanks for them)
    i used to be shy around people, the last two workshops i’ve done have really bought me out of my shell though
    it would be so cool to hang out & take photos together, you can teach me street photography 🙂

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