Ready for action

I saw this guy in the full camouflage gear on Dundas St. W. just standing around and thought he’d make a great subject. I took a couple of shots but nothing was really working. Then I got this one from in front of a parked bus. The guy knew full well he was being photographed but didn’t seem to mind. This is one of my favs’ from the day.

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8 Responses to Ready for action

  1. The bus and car frame your subject well. But I confess it took me a while to find him.

  2. Doug Smith says:

    What a ham. This guy looks to be posing. Love this shot.

  3. Kieran Hamilton says:

    I really like the distorted reflections on the bus window in this shot, and the general business of the image. Incidentally, I work on Dundas Street…In Edinburgh, Scotland.

    • Thanks Kieran. I’ve never been to Scotland but it’s high up on my wish list of places to see. I live in what used to be a borough of Toronto called Scarborough. I think many names jump the pond. 🙂

  4. lynnwiles says:

    I can see why it’s one of your faves – it’s kind of fantastic.

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