Club Monaco


Consider just how many tops and slacks and skirts you have to sell around the world to afford a storefront like this one. This is the Club Monaco clothing store on Bloor St. W. near Avenue Rd. in uptown Toronto. The point is even more amazing when you consider the fact that nearly a billion people on our planet live on a buck a day, give or take some pennies. Here in Canada and particularly Toronto we live very much insulated from the abject poverty that exists in third world countries. We gripe when the escalator at the mall is broken or the free peanuts they serve on our flight to Jamaica are stale. We toss out fruit and veggies not because they are bad but because they “look” bad yet are probably still fine. Some of the stuff we thoughtlessly throw away many people have never even heard of let alone seen. There are millions who have never even heard of an iPhone or seen a Television. It’s really something when you think about it. Even in our own wealthy cities we step over people in the streets without a second thought. Our Mayors throw tax dollars at pet projects while the homeless struggle to stay alive in -30 January nights. Sad but true. Anyway, that’s my thought for the night.


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2 Responses to Club Monaco

  1. desicolon says:

    I love this: photo and message.
    Your photographs are simply fantastic. I am subscribing.

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