Let’s try them all on!

I love this shot. Natalie and Blair were poking through the rack and I asked them to sort of pose like this. I think it really works. At least I like it.

So tonight’s my last night of freedom. Back to work tomorrow. I actually like my job so it’s not really a big deal. I won’t be taking holidays again until mid-September, so that’s going to be a tough row. I did get a few things done during my time off. I think I’ll focus on what I got done and try to forget about the stuff that didn’t get done. All in time, right? I worked on my book somemore, but now I’m deleting all the photos and starting from scratch. I really need to plan this out if I want something worthwhile. I could do a book all on people alone, but I really want to include other stuff. I might break it down into three chapters: people, places, things. Or I could focus strictly on street photography. I don’t know. I got about 20 photos into the new book when I realized it just wasn’t going to work out the way I was doing it. But I’ll figure it out.

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2 Responses to Let’s try them all on!

  1. Clara says:

    Ha! I really like this.

    P.S. You’re making a book?

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