Curvy little fence

I saw this curvy little fence dressing a small yard around a property in the west end. I immediately knew there was a photo there, but I had a hard time finding it. I took a handful of shots and I think I like this one best, but I have to admit nothing came to me straight away. It’s sort of like making a soup and knowing it needs a pinch more of something but not quite knowing what. I played with the photo to give it an old fashioned feel. I’m happy with it and hope you like it too.

So back to work today. I have to admit, it was nice to be back. I’m surrounded by such terrific people who really like to have fun during the day. I actually missed them during my short time off. I think that really says something about what a difference a positive environment can make to your workday. Actually, I don’t think I like the term positive environment, because it suggests something that occurs passively. The fact is, your work environment depends entirely on what the workers bring to it each day. If they bring a positive, upbeat attitude, then the environment will reflect that, right? That’s how I see it, anyway. Simply put, I think I’m a very lucky person. 🙂

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4 Responses to Curvy little fence

  1. Frances says:

    I like it… The long and windy fence! Is that how you spell windy…not meaning blowing in the wind but curvy.? Yes, a positive environment is everything. We spend most of our waking hours at best to make the best of it. I love to have a laugh and slack off every moment I can !! It’s seems this reply area has changed since I last replied… I am looking forward to slacking off this weekend too!

  2. Kieran Hamilton says:

    I know what you mean, getting that elusive shot can be a struggle, you did a great job here though! It’s quite different to your usual style I think, in a good way 🙂

  3. lynnwiles says:

    Great fence you found Dave. I may have cropped the top a tad to accentuate the fence, but that’s me. Glad to hear that you like your job and co-workers so much, after your time of not knowing where you would be working.

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