Do not enter entrance

This parking garage is down at the St. Lawrence Market. I sometimes park there but to be honest it’s pretty pricey. I shot this a while back right at dusk, which is why it’s pretty dark. Hope you like it.

So one of my closest friends and his wife were sweet enough to take me to dinner tonight for my birthday. It’s not until Monday, mind you. We had a lovely meal in Greektown on the Danforth and then went for a walk through the neighbourhood. The weather was perfect. During our walk we came upon an old Chinese man giving back massages on the street. I bought ten minutes worth for ten bucks. Seems to have helped. Anyway, it was a very nice night and a generous treat for me — a great way to start the weekend. Not sure if I’ll get out for photos but that is the plan at some point. I’m sooo tired right now I can’t imagine doing much more than sleeping. I’m sure tomorrow I’ll feel a lot better. Hope you have a good weekend. Happy Friday.

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2 Responses to Do not enter entrance

  1. Frances says:

    Happy Birthday To You! Hope you have a great weekend and get some photo ops in there. No chores !!

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