Rise of the Storm Troopers

Don’t even ask… 🙂 Okay, story’s pretty boring, really. Some comic book shop was hosting a big comic book event and I came across the scene. There were people dressed up as their favourite characters and posing for whoever felt like grabbing a photo. To me, this is more of what I’d call a snapshot than a photograph. The shot I got last year of Darth Vader playing tennis is more of a photograph, to my eyes. You can see that one here. Anyway, it’s fun and I thought I’d post it. Hope you like it. And, um, no, it won’t be in the book. 🙂

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3 Responses to Rise of the Storm Troopers

  1. SK says:

    THIS IS SICK. Looks awesome. I like your stuff. You should check out my blogs and website. I’m just a girl who digs music and art, so feel free to drop innnn.


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