Toronto’s Finest

I know our police got a bit of a bad wrap for how the whole G20 thing went down, but I personally don’t feel you can judge them entirely on one very challenging weekend. I mean, they were up to their armpits in arseholes, right? In my opinion our cops are tops. I have to admit, I’ve had nothing but great experiences with police, but that’s probably because I am an adult and treat them with respect. I’m sure if I acted like some pimple faces teenager who doesn’t know right from wrong my experiences might be less than stellar. But who would be to blame for that, right? Me. Anyway, this group of cops was waiting outside a church during my outing with the Toronto Photo Walks Group a while back. I asked them if I could take their photo with my wide angle lens and they we very accommodating. They’re all smiling here because the big guy on the right just asked if I could make him look good and I replied, “I’m a photographer not a miracle worker.” They got a kick out of that. 🙂 I think this will be my last working man and woman photo and I’ll finish later with my at rest photo. So don’t touch that dial! 🙂

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