What makes your heart hurt?

So here’s the last photo of my affable and very beautiful model from the weekend. I’ve taken many thousands of photos over the past couple of years and I think this one moves me more than any of the others. I keep finding myself going back to it. I think I can say that this might be my most favourite shot of them all. I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so maybe you don’t see what I see, but that’s okay. And you know what? I think meeting her and taking her photo is partly responsible for my wanting to get back into shape. Not for the reasons you might think, but because when I look at this photo I am reminded of what it’s like to have your heart aflame. And that reminder made me take a serious look in the mirror. Maybe if I do some work on myself I might increase the chances of meeting someone who makes me gaga. I know what that feeling’s like and it would be nice to find it again. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t about the girl in the photo. There’s no chance there. It’s about how the photo makes me feel. I haven’t really thought about it in a long time but maybe it would be nice to be in love again. Who knows. Okay, enough of my mushy nonsense for one night, eh?  🙂

You know what, for the sake of fairness, I’ll keep my eye out for a handsome male model for the ladies who visit my blog. I don’t want to seem sexist. Leave it with me. 😉

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7 Responses to What makes your heart hurt?

  1. is this heartbreaking beauty or are my eyes just playing with me?

  2. milkayphoto says:

    Hehehehe…looks like my romantic optimism is rubbing off on you… 😉

  3. teo says:

    Aw Dave, I haven’t visited your blog for a while now because of exams etc. and now I’m so pleased with all that’s changed around here. It’s like a brand new blog and a brand new Dave – go Dave, go 🙂 !
    Getting in shape is a good start and your motivation makes sense of course. But i really just love what you’ve done here – there are portrait photos here, which I would never have expected from you a while ago, and you’re writing so much more, that’s great 🙂 The spirit of the photos can be captured way better, when we know, what do you see in there 🙂
    Great to see you again and I’ll try to stop by more regularly and often now, it’s a way more homey place on the net now 🙂

    • Thanks Teo, it’s always a treat to hear from you. I hope your exams are going well. Yeah, I’ve really gotten into portraits. Still lots to learn, of course, but I’m having fun. And yeah, I’m hoping to get into better shape. It’ll take time but that’s okay. I’m not in that bad of shape right now. I’m hoping it will help with my moods. So take care and hope you see you soon again. 🙂

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