Cops on horseback

The female cop on the right I’ve photographed before. If she recognized me she didn’t let on. Anyway, so I went down to Dundas Square for India Day celebrations to get a few photos before meeting up with a friend. On the square they were celebrating, but across the street there was an anti-Indian government protest going on. They claim the government has sanctioned the murder of Christians in India. Coincidentally, I work with a lovely Asian woman who was born and raised a Christian in India. She’s led quite a life and can speak like three languages or something. But I digress. So as I’m shooting random photos of this and that a fight breaks out between the pro and anti groups. Some teenager comes charging the crowd with a stick over his head ready to smash in the heads of those bashing his country. I ran right into the thick of it, as did the cops. Arrests were made quickly and no one was harmed. I got a couple of decent shots but nothing really amazing. I like this one, although it certainly doesn’t tell the story I just told. Hope you like it too.

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2 Responses to Cops on horseback

  1. Chloe [Photographer] says:

    i can see this photo being used on a billboard for a new movie! it’s fantastic

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