Spare some change?

This guy was looking for change, parked on his rear on Yonge St. when I happened by. I walked right past then thought, what the hell and dug in my pockets for a couple of bucks. He looked familiar to me but I didn’t think anything of it until I saw this and a couple of other photos on my computer. I’d photographed this guy last winter on Queen West. I doubt he remembered me either. Sure seems like a long time to be on the streets. I guess I’ll start to remember these guys more and more as I run into them downtown. Here’s the photo of him from last winter, if you’re interested. I did ask first, I should mention.

What an evening. On the way home I picked up groceries for dinner. Made a nice pasta. Also did two loads of laundry and ironed some shirts. I then did some lunch preparations for the week. I also cleaned up the kitchen from my cooking adventure. I wasn’t done until like 9:30ish. But it was worth it. The pasta was great and I feel a lot better about getting some chores done. More to do tomorrow night, to boot. It never freakin’ ends, does it. I can’t imagine what people with little kids do. I couldn’t handle it.

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2 Responses to Spare some change?

  1. This photo really makes you think… sometime I think I have a difficult life – full time job, wife, mother (of two little boys), aspiring photographer…. can’t imagine what this guy’s life is like. At first, I thought he didn’t have any shoes, but then I saw that he just took them off – probably uncomfortable, maybe a lot of walking the streets without socks on a hot day?

    • On the other hand, Holly, maybe this is the only life he knows? Sort of like how a person blind from birth doesn’t know what it’s like to have sight and therefore doesn’t miss it. This guy might have never had a chance and the life he’s living is one he has no desire to give up. Get me? I guess I’m saying that maybe he doesn’t feel sorry for himself in any way. He’s just doing his thing.

      There’s a saying: Wealth is defined not by how much you have but by how little you need.

      Just throwing it out there… Thanks.

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