A side of country

I took this photo way back on Canada Day. Seems like eons ago. Yet here we are and summer’s on its way out again. I don’t mind, I love the fall. The thing is, they’re calling for above average temps in September. Man I am sooo done with the heat and humidity. I just want to be able to roam around downtown with my camera without turning into a puddle of sweat. Anyway, so tomorrow’s my busy day at work. Monday, too, but tomorrow will be the busiest day until October. I’m pretty indifferent about it, actually. We’ll get through it, we always do. Then there’s the long weekend to follow. Gotta be liking the long weekends, right? I also have a little vacation coming up around mid-September that I’m looking forward to. Have a good night.

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3 Responses to A side of country

  1. andybeel says:

    Nice sky and tone – thanks

  2. milkayphoto says:

    Tranquil and beautiful.

    As for the hot temps, I am not ready to let go of summer so brin ’em on! Our long weekend is now….can’t wait!

  3. Thanks Andy and Tracy. Yeah, but Tracy we all don’t have a nice pool ya know. 🙂

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