Nap time at City Hall

The building in the background is Old City Hall, located next door to our current City Hall. The guy napping is a regular fixture out front. He’s there all year around. I’ve got photos of him from every season. I have no idea what his story is, but strongly believe more should be done to help him and his kind. The problem is, our city is beyond broke, thanks to the wasteful spending of the last Mayor and his left-wing cronies. That’s all changing, now that we’ve got a Mayor who understands we can no longer go on living beyond our means. The problem is, all the special interest groups are fighting hard to save their taxpayer funded grants and gifts from the chopping block. They apparently haven’t been paying any attention to what’s going on in Greece. Toronto is barrelling down the same path but few seem to care, as long as they get to keep their stuff.

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4 Responses to Nap time at City Hall

  1. Great photo, and love your commentary. We’re in such a terrible situation these days.

  2. 9secondss says:

    I like the perspective of this shot.

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